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Yoga @Sage Manor

We run small group Yoga and Wellness retreats 4-6 times during the year. The weekends are inspired by nature, the moon, the season, and what we need to feel restored, recalibrated and just a better version of ourselves.

We live in a busy world that means slowing down hard to achieve in our own lives, so retreating to nature in a purpose built space a great option. 

From the moment you arrive, you will have found your home away from home. Make new lifelong friends, try new activities and just get out of your own way and enjoy all that Sage Manor and our facilitators offer. Do as much or as little as you need, read, hike, relax, join us in the kitchen, explore meditation, yoga classes daily or simply enjoy our beautiful gardens. Stress can't survive in nature, so come and find the stiller, more grounded you. 

Kylie is your yoga host and Jason curator of our workshops.

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